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We have an Office Listing special from A Plus Realty available for your review including homes, condos, townhomes, rentals, commercials, lots and lands, and multi-family properties. We also have the opportunity to offer all properties asddes to the MLS in Southwest Florida and Miami Area.

About Naples/Bonita/Marco Area

Naples is a medium-sized coastal city (i.e. on the ocean, a bay, or inlet) located in the state of Florida. With a population of 20,211 people and 61 constituent neighborhoods, Naples is the 130th largest community in Florida. Naples home prices are not only among the most expensive in Florida, but Naples real estate also consistently ranks among the most expensive in America.
A large number of seniors call Naples home: people 65 and over are 48.49% of the population. Because of the prominence of the retirement community, this is good place for the over-65 crowd to settle, as many of the city’s services and social community are geared to this demographic.

About Fort Myers/Cape Coral/Lehigh Area

Fort Myers is a larger medium-sized coastal city (i.e. on the ocean, a bay, or inlet) located in the state of Florida. With a population of 64,379 people and 67 constituent neighborhoods, Fort Myers is the 39th largest community in Florida.
One of the nice things about Fort Myers is that it is nautical, which means that parts of it are somewhat historic and touch the ocean or tidal bodies of water, such as inlets and bays. Because of this, visitors and locals will often go to these areas to take in the scenery or to enjoy waterfront activities.

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